What size is Maileg furniture?

Curating the Perfect Maileg Collection

Maileg creates a world of whimsy, imagination and creativity for your little one- a world where there are no limits. With so many varied products and sizes available we wanted to write up a handy little guide with all the information you need to curate your perfect Maileg pieces, to assist you in curating the collection of your dreams!

When it comes to doll houses, the most common and traditional size for inhabitants and furniture is a 1:12 scale. Maileg furniture however is typically a little more oversized and intended for a larger doll house (depending on the piece.) This only adds to the fun, charm and whimsy of a Maileg collection- beautifully sized pieces with exquisite details, which you can mix and match and pair with different mice and bunnies to create a truly eclectic and magical fantasy world.

Larger pieces of furniture can even be displayed on shelves or dresser tops to create enchanting little worlds all of their own. The possibilities are endless! 

In terms of the perfect doll house inhabitants, the common 1:12 size house is ideal for ‘micro’ and ‘My’ sized rabbits and bunnies as well as the Mice Families (Sibling Mice and Mum and Dad Mice). We also love to incorporate size 1 and 2 bunnies into our houses to add some further size variety- it looks so adorable!

The Maileg furniture collections also contain a variety of different sizes of decor. 
‘My’ size will suit the smallest Maileg creatures such as My Girl and My Boy and Sleepy Wakey Mice.
‘Micro’ size will suit all other sizes of small creatures (Micro, Sibling Mice, Mums and Dads.) 
‘Mini’ size will suit size 1 and 2 bunnies perfectly but will also of course accommodate the smaller Maileg. 

(If you want a specific size it’s important to always check the measurements of each item to ensure it will suit your house size and the vibe you are wanting to create.)

Our general advice is- nothing is wrong! Collect and curate whatever you love and you will have the perfect dream setup for your mini (and you!) whether it be confined to a doll house or spilling out into other sweet little setups around your child’s play space. Have fun with it!

Mini Clem is proud to carry a large selection of Maileg pieces to help you fit out your doll house or simply to collect the odd piece here and there. From mice, to bunnies to vintage inspired décor we have it all! We also LOVE talking Maileg and are always here to assist in your selections, so please do not hesitate to reach out if you need inspiration or extra guidance. 

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