At Mini Clem we practice gratitude and reward loyalty and we love to treat our customers to extra surprises along the way. When you are part of our posse we treat you like family.

If you are on this page, it means that you have found us and we have found you!

We hope that it is a perfect match of products, service and gratitude. 

These bespoke Mini Clem prints are just one of the little treats we have in our store for our customers.

These three gorgeous custom sketches are perfect for printing and popping in a nursery, toy room or perhaps a lovely little home corner.

We love to surprise you when you least suspect it, so keep shopping, keep reading our emails and most of all keep talking to us. 

Happy with your order? Let us know or leave a review..

Seen a product you like or have something in mind that you can't find? Ask us, we might me able to help.

Finally, reply to this email and let us know what you think of your free prints. We'd love to know :)

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