The safety of your minis is very important to us at Mini Clem. We have indicated age ranges and safety information on our products and have ensured that we only work with manufacturers that meet required safety standards for the products they produce.
In addition to this, please find useful safety tips for a variety of different products below. These will help to ensure that your mini can play with and treasure their little piece of Mini Clem magic safely for years to come.

When you receive your Mini Clem order please immediately remove and dispose of any plastic packaging on your products. Babies and toddlers can suffocate if they place packaging over their heads, faces or mouths. 

Mobiles and toys that are attached to cots, playpens or prams should be removed when your baby or toddler begins pushing up on their hands and knees or sitting up and can reach to touch or pull down the product. 

Regularly check your stuffed toys to ensure that there are no loose parts that could come off easily and that could be a choking hazard. Keep soft toys, including cuddle cloths, out of your baby's sleep environment as they could cover their nose, face or mouth and become a hazard. Soft toys should always be used under supervision for children under 3. 

Check all age guidelines and ensure that children under 3 years of age are not being given toys with small parts that are inappropriate for their age. Small parts can be a choking hazard and discretion and supervision should always be used when providing these toys to your children. 


Please ensure that blankets are used under supervision. They are not intended to be used in children or babies under 3 years of age without strict supervision. Never leave your baby unsupervised in a cot for sleep with a blanket.