Paola Reina & Minikane Doll Clothing

How often do you release Paola Reina & Minikane doll outfits?

We release outfits as often as we can. We work very closely with amazing Australian seamstresses and creators to bring all the pieces to life and we aim to have as many available to our customers as often as we can! Some releases will be larger and a variety of outfits and accessories and some will be special edition or limited item releases. Sign up to our website and follow us on Instagram to make sure you are first in the know about new releases and products.

Do the outfits fit dolls other than Paola Reina and Minikane dolls?

Our outfits are designed specifically to fit the 34cm Paola Reina and Minikane dolls. All of these dolls are hand poured so there may be some very slight variations in their size and pieces may appear to fit more tightly or loosely from doll to doll. This is not considered a manufacturing defect or flaw in our pieces and will depend entirely on the make of doll you have. Occasionally our pieces will also fit the 38cm Miniland Doll. If this is the case it will be specifically noted in the item’s specifications.

What is the difference between Paola Reina and Minikane dolls? 

The exquisite Paola Reina dolls and the Minikane dolls are all produced in Spain  by Paola Reina in their factories. Both varieties of dolls are very similar in make and appearance, the Minikane dolls simply have slightly different hair and are branded as Minikane by the Paola Reina factory.

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